Perry Pear Varieties

Below are photos and descriptions of all Perry Pear varieties that have been traced to date and planted in the National Perry Pear Centre orchards. Scions (graftwood) of most of these varieties can be supplied. Please enquire using the Contact page.

Name Origin
New Meadow New Meadow

Synonyms: Lintot, Yokehouse

Ledbury, Herefordshire
Newbridge Newbridge

Synonyms: White Moorcroft

Berrow, Worcestershire
Old Pear Old Pear
Oldfield Oldfield

Synonyms: Awrel, Hawfield, Offield, Oleville, Ollville

Packhorse Packhorse
Painted Lady Painted Lady
Parsonage Parsonage Kempley
Penny Pear Penny Pear
Pine Pine
Pint Pint

Synonyms: Pine

Potato Pear Potato Pear Ruardean
Queen’s Wick View Queen’s Wick View
Red Longdon Red Longdon

Synonyms: Brockhill, Brockle, Cider, Cider Pear, Red Longley, Red Longney

Red Pear Red Pear

Synonyms: Aylton Red, Black Horse, Blunt Red, Red Horse, Sack

Rock Rock

Synonyms: Black Huffcap, Brown Huffcap, Huffcap, Mad Cap, Mad Pear, Red Huffcap, Uffcap, Uffcup

Rock (Wick Court form) Rock (Wick Court form)
Sack Sack

Synonyms: Longstalk, Longstuck

Seckle Seckle
Snake Pole Snake Pole Oxenton
Speart Pear Speart Pear Arlingham