Perry Pear Varieties

Below are photos and descriptions of all Perry Pear varieties that have been traced to date and planted in the National Perry Pear Centre orchards. Scions (graftwood) of most of these varieties can be supplied. Please enquire using the Contact page.

Name Origin
Arlingham Squash Arlingham Squash

Synonyms: Old Squash, Old Taynton Squash, Squash Pear

Barland Barland

Synonyms: Bareland, Bearland, Bosbury, Bosbury Pear

Bosbury, Herefordshire
Barnet Barnet

Synonyms: Barn, Barn Pear, Brown Thorn, Brown Thorn Pear, Hedgehog, Hedgehog Pear

Bartestree Squash Bartestree Squash Bartestree, Herefordshire
Beetroot Clows Top Beetroot Clows Top
Beetroot Wick Court Alex Beetroot Wick Court Alex Arlingham
Beetroot Wick Court Ella Beetroot Wick Court Ella Arlingham
Beetroot Wick Court Eric Beetroot Wick Court Eric Arlingham
Bergamy Bergamy
Berllanderi Green Berllanderi Green
Berllanderi Red Berllanderi Red
Betty Prosser Betty Prosser Corse
Bird Pear Bird Pear
Blakeney Red Blakeney Red

Synonyms: Blakeney, Circus, Circus Pear, Painted Lady, Painted Pear, Red Pear

Blood Pear Blood Pear Hasfield
Boy Pear Boy Pear Ruardean
Brandy Brandy Forest of Dean
Brinarl Brinarl
Brown Bess Brown Bess

Synonyms: Brown Bessie

Bunch Bunch