Hartpury Orchards in Blackwell’s End lane hold the National Collection of Perry Pears and also a collection of Gloucestershire apples, plums and cherries, all planted by Hartpury Heritage Trust since 2006. These collections are maintained by a Community Interest Company jointly owned by Hartpury Heritage Trust and Gloucestershire Orchard Trust. There are 30 acres of orchards and wetlands which are always open for the public, and paths are mown through the orchard. Parking for the orchard is on hardstanding outside the main gate, and access is via kissing gates. The orchards are grazed through the summer months by Ryeland sheep and Gloucester cattle. Dogs on leads are welcome, provided the wildlife and animals are not disturbed.



Wildlife includes hares, foxes, skylarks, buzzards, and many smaller birds such as finches, warblers, buntings and pipits along the old lane-side hedge. Owl boxes are placed around the orchard. The habitat also suits other species – mice, voles and a variety of insects and moths.


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