Perry Pear Varieties

Below are photos  of all Perry Pear varieties that have been traced to date, and planted in the National Perry Pear Centre orchards. Click on the variety for more photographs and  a word or two about it.

Some varieties at present only give you a link to Charles Martell’s book — these pages are being updated at the moment, so more content should shortly be visible. The book, a highly detailed research volume is available –  see the sales page.

Scions (graftwood) of most of these varieties can be supplied. Please enquire using the contact page.

Name Origin
Burgundy Burgundy
Butt Butt

Synonyms: Norton Butt

Butter Pear Butter Pear
Buttersend Pear Buttersend Pear
Cannock Cannock
Capel Hir Early Capel Hir Early
Catillac Catillac
Chapman’s Orange Chapman’s Orange
Christmas Pear Christmas Pear
Ciphrous Ciphrous Westbury-on-Severn
Claret Claret
Clusters Clusters Hardwick
Coppy Coppy

Synonyms: Coppice

Cowslip Cowslip Dymock
Cygnet Cygnet
Darell Wick Darell Wick
Dead Boy Dead Boy Ross-on-Wye
Dead Dog Dead Dog
Dua Dua

Synonyms: Catillac

Ducksbarn Ducksbarn

Synonyms: Duckbarn, Ducksbourne