Yellow Huffcap

Synonyms: Black Huffcap, Brown Huffcap, Chandos Huffcap, Green Huffcap, Huffcap, King's Arms, Kings Arms, Uffcap, Uffcup, Yellow Longdon, Yellow Longland, Yellow Longland(s)

Yellow HuffcapA large tree, known from Westbury-on-Severn. A heavy cropper producing an excellent quality perry. Widely planted over several hundred years, hence some seven or more synonyms. This pear is noted for the strength and quality of its perry, however fruit should be shaken before it is ripe otherwise it may rot on the tree.

Origin: Westbury-on-Severn

Status: Not endangered

For further information on this and other pears, please see "Pears of Gloucestershire and Perry Pears of the Three Counties" by Charles Martell.

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